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U.S Stock Market Moved Directionless

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Tuesday’s major public meetings effect reflected on Wednesday’s US Stock market. The stocks fight for the direction to which way to go.  Opening at high note in the morning session, the Dow Jones index was lifted to 8 points which was less than 0.1 %, for industrial average, in the second session. The NASDAQ shacked 3 points, which was 0.2 %, and the S&P 500 lost 2 points, which was 0.1 %.

On the Tuesday the stocks prices rose when the news the top most banks of the nation passed the Federal Reserve’s latest test passed was leaked. But the stocks of the major banks came under pressure when the investors meditated on the result of so called pressure test. Dan Greenhaus, the chief of global strategist at BTIG, said that the people still assimilated the stress test and the as an affect the financial development was underperforming.

He also said that shares giant technology companies assisted to carry the broader market in this financial crisis. As for example he said that shares of Apple reached to the position in Wednesday which was closer to $ 600. The analysts said that the stocks were in the good posture to carry the U.S economy towards strengthening point and the European market also showed some improvement in the debt crisis.

European finance ministers was officially agreed to pay second package of bailout loans to Greece of 39.4 billion Euros. Greenhaus said that this moment everything got on rightly. He also said that the road became less difficult with less resistance,

Fed seemed more concerned about the positive assessment of the economy on the public meeting and also worried about the retail sales and hike in gas prices.  According to Fed Citibank and MetLife would like to increase their capital investment in the incident like severe financial shock or economy depression.

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