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Pearson Plc Reported To Have A Significant Rise In Profit

Section: Marketing

Pearson Plc projected a lift in profit due to the enhanced digital sales and the growth in emerging markets. The digital sale of the company climed by 18 per cent, contributing as much as 1/3 to the total sales of Pearson Plc.

Pearson Plc is the largest international publisher as well as the largest learning company of the world. Some of its significant business sectors are education (FT Press, Longman, Prentice Hall), consumer (Penguin, Ladybird) and business information (Financial Times).

The latest financial report of Pearson Plc shows that its pre-tax profit escalated by 72 per cent to £ 1.15 billion or $ 1.8 billion while the balanced operating profits extracted from the ongoing operations were lifted by 12 per cent to £ 943 million. In the month of December, 2011 the London Stock Exchange were ready to pay £ 450 million for the 50 per cent shares of the company in the FTSE International. A spokesperson for Pearson Plc mentioned that Pearson was hoping for a sustained sale as well as a jacked up profit in 2012, in spite of critical business situation and the changing business trends in present critical global economic situation.

The digital subscriptions of the Financial Times made up almost the half of the entire paid circulation. Penguin received a lift in e-books sales by 106 per cent, contributing 12 per cent to the total revenue. The total Penguin salesremain almost constant at £ 1.04 billion, decreased by 1 per cent from that in 2010. The company also saw a growth of 24 per cent in sales in the emerging markets.

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