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Focusing On Green Demand Toyota Forecast Rises Global Sale

Section: Automobiles, Marketing

The well known name in the car world Toyota raised their global sale target and set at 8.58 million which is 21% higher than previous year and the company focusing on ecological cars which have a high demand in Japan.

Due to Japan tsunami and flood in Thailand Toyota’s productions affected hugely. They raised their target on Wednesday from 1.53 million to 1.63 million. After a disappointing previous year Toyota want to turn’s table and announced that they are aiming to sell 8.58 million vehicles in 2012 which is remarkable. Toyota the Japanese automaker passed the devastating year which make them behind Lexus luxury car and Camry sedan. The sell was 6% below than 2010.

The renown auto maker General Motors co., lose their apex position after seven decades in 2008 from Toyota, coming into picture after selling 9.03 million vehicles in 2011 which is not a good sign for Toyota in the competition. The front runner Toyota comes forth with 7.9 million vehicles sold in 2011 which due to Japan earthquake and tsunami which hurts their production. After slowing down the productions dealers ran short of cars to sell.

This year will be going to be a very interesting year. The industrial analysts are predicting that this tough year the competition will be between General Motors, Volkswagen AG of Germany, Toyota with joint venture of Nissan Motor co. and Renault of South Africa.

Last year became glorious year for Volkswagen. The record sell of 8.16 million which is 14% higher than 2010. Nissan and Renault also make remarkable year with selling of 8.03 million vehicles and placed third in the competition. Toyota’s new Prius gas electric hybrid car and other ecological cars attracted Japanese customers in spite of languishing market for the government stopped the subsidies. Third time the Prius became the Japan’s top selling vehicles seller in 2011.

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