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Business Reputation Management – Handling Consumer Feedbacks and Perceptions

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The ultimate goal of any business is to make profit. There are many factors which affect the business. One of the most important factors among them is the reputation. Any bad reputation can affect an online business faster as there are social media sites and people are depending on the internet to gather information about a business. It is not possible to do business without any flaws; however it is important that the flaws do not reach your customer. Even though you may have thousands of satisfied customers, one negative review about your service or product can make you lose many potential customers.

There are reputation management processes which will help you to push down the negative reviews. Danny DeMichele’s book “Complaints, Reviews and Legal Extortion” give guidance to the business owners on how to manage their business reputation. Customers with the unpleasant experience with your product or service tend to give negative comments about your product or service. You can overcome this negative review by giving positive reviews by few other customers. So, as a business owner you will have to request your consumers to give a positive opinion about the product if they are satisfied with the product or service offered by you.
Business Reputation Handling
Danny DeMichele through his book provides guidance for opposing the negative reviews. He has enough experience in dealing with negative review issues as he has worked with many clients to reverse the effect created by negative reviews to various companies. Through this book the business owner can learn how to anticipate negative reviews about your business. It is necessary that the business owner make the necessary information available to the potential customers so that they can take a well informed decision about getting the product or service from your company.

According to Danny DeMichele, it is not wise to wait till you get a bad comment to work against the negative reviews. Make an online search for your company name to find out whether any negative entries are made against your business. Constant interaction with the customers through cyber space will reduce the chances of online extortion.

If you want to protect your company from the effect of negative comments get a copy of Danny DeMichele reviews book “Complaints, Reviews and Legal Extortion”. You can pre- order the copy of this downloadable book and start managing your reputation in a better way.

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