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A Brief Overview of Constructability Reviews

Section: Issues

Constructability is a progression in construction design whereby plans are appraised by parties knowledgeable with construction techniques and materials. They utilize their expertise to evaluate whether the design is in fact buildable. Usually referred to as a “Constructability Review,” the process occurs before said plans are offered for bid.

A construction documents plan review has to identify omissions and errors in the design. It’s not unusual for the plans of the individual architect and engineer to conflict. This actually accounts for more than 50 percent of changes in the design. The remaining balance is attributed to conflicting or unforeseen site conditions and variances in code and user requirements. As a matter of fact, while it might seem obvious, some of the other aspects that this type of review must take into account are:

  • There’s no such thing as a small change
  • Ensuring everything can be serviced and fits the space
  • The features on all related documents are shown throughout all drawings in the same place
  • The plans don’t force contractor(s) to defy the laws of physics
  • Two (or more) objects cannot occupy the same physical space at the same time

Coordination plans and constructability reviews should be conducted at various phases in the process. There should be a system of quality control in place that includes detailed checklists, the overlay of all drawings in existence at any point in the process and an experienced field staff that can catch errors before they become costly.
Constructability Reviews
PC Associates, founded in 1989, is a highly skilled organization that specializes in proofreading and troubleshooting construction documents. The company’s greatest asset is knowing how to approach constructability from the perspectives of both designer and contractor. Among the company’s past successful projects are hospitals, detention centers, educational facilities, airports, fire stations, office buildings, libraries and resorts.

The company offers top of the line constructability reviews. They were the first of their kind in the industry. They are still the frontrunners, evolving with the tools and techniques of the times. They are the only independent plan checking enterprise with a comprehensive line of plan reviews considering all disciplines under a single roof. They provide the most accurate, fastest and cost effective means of ensuring documents are fully prepared and economically sound.

When it comes to constructability review, PC Associates has the experience in providing the strongest level of services to clients nationwide. They will implement a series of checks and balances to ensure the designs all fit in the same space without interferences. They can promise the appropriate plan review for any design phase.

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